RSL 1 1/4-25

Product Code: RSL 1 1/4-25
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Part Number: RSL 1 1/4-25

Size: 1 1/4” OD X 25MM

The YESTOOL Reduction Sleeves adapt Metric size Tool Shanks to standard inch Tool Holders. The Sleeves are used to adapt standard inch Tool Holders to Metric Shank Tools. Sleeves are made of Alloy Steel, Heat Treated, and Precision Ground for Concentricity and accuracy. The sleeve has a slot that allows the Holder Set Screws pass thru and clamp the Tool Shank.

Yestool Reduction Sleeves

  • RSL designed to use smaller drill shank in bigger holder
  • Fitting KRUZ drill straight shank body easily
  • Both Metric and Inch size available
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